US Official Claims China Eastern Airlines Crash Intentional

Flight data suggests that a China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed in March was deliberately sent into a nosedive, according to US media reports.

Unnamed sources confirmed, in a report to ABC News, that “officials analyzing the flight data say it clearly points to someone in the cockpit intentionally pushed the plane into a fatal nosedive.”

The same ABC News report said the officials investigating the flight data revealed that the plane’s landing gear was never deployed and the flaps were not engaged – an indication that the pilot or co-pilot would have wanted to land the plane. 

The Boeing 737-800 was traveling between Kunming and Guangzhou in southern China when it crashed.

When the plane crashed, it killed all 132 passengers and crew members on board.

A separate report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that the data from one of the jet’s “black box” flight recorders, which was retrieved from the accident site, indicates that inputs to the controls sent the plane into a near-vertical plunge.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the United States confirmed with China’s civil aviation regulator that no investigation information about the cause of the China Eastern MU5735 crash was released.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) stated in a report from Global Times China that the National NTSB made it clear that no important investigative information was released to the public. 

According to the CAAC, in accordance with investigation procedures, the aircraft flight accident investigation department is presently undertaking in-depth wreck identification, classification, inspection, flight data analysis, experimental verification, and other relevant tasks.

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