No Survivors in Flooded Burkina Faso Mine

Government officials in Burkina Faso said Tuesday that rescue workers found no survivors in a rescue chamber deep inside the flooded Perkoa zinc mine in the country.

“The rescue teams have opened the refuge chamber, unfortunately, it is empty,” the government information service said.

“Everything suggests that the miners were unable to reach the refuge chamber at the moment when the flood happened and searches are ongoing,” it added.

Shortly after the government announcement, the owner of the Perkoa mine, Canadian firm Trevali Mining Corp, also confirmed that the refuge chamber had been found intact with no one inside.

In April, unexpected torrential rains quickly submerged the mine, trapping the eight workers who were more than 520 meters (1,706 feet) underground.

Distraught relatives and rescuers hoped that the missing men might have reached the rescue chamber, stocked with food and water, located approximately 570 meters (1,870 feet) below ground.

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