Kuwaiti Man Claims Losing $2.5m In Cryptocurrency Crash

A Kuwaiti man, identified as Abu Ahmed, said he invested millions into cryptocurrency Luna and has now suffered huge losses of $.25 million due to the falling crypto market. 

Ahmed said he now has only $275 in his account. 

A large number of people in Kuwait took money from banks on loan and invested in cryptocurrency Luna with the hope of making more money in a short period of time. 

Kuwaiti investors have suffered heavy losses due to collapse of cryptocurrencies, Gulf reported.

A Kuwait man, who wished anonymously, said that he loaned KD 50,000 and invested into the cryptocurrency market in the hope of making a fortune. 

However, he claimed he lost three-quarters of the money just within a few days.

Abu Ahmed said he decided to commit suicide by jumping from the Sheikh Jaber Causeway, after he lost millions of money.

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