UK Plans to Override Northern Ireland Protocol, Foreign Secretary Says

U.K. foreign secretary Liz Truss announced on Tuesday that the government is preparing a law that will unilaterally scrap large parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol.

Truss, who is also responsible for Brexit, has proposed the bill and expects it to push through within weeks.

“The bill will ensure that goods moving and staying within the UK are freed of unnecessary bureaucracy through our new green channel,” Truss told the House of Commons, referring to one of her proposed mechanisms in the bill.

Last week, Britain provided the EU with demands to relax measures of the post-Brexit protocol, which requires trade between Northern Ireland and Britain to undergo customs since Northern Ireland remains part of the EU’s single market.

The EU had offered alternatives to what it described as London’s “far-reaching” demands, and said that a deal could be done but only through negotiation.

“Our preference remains the negotiated solution with the EU,” Truss said of the move. “And in parallel with the legislation being introduced, we remain open to further talks if we can achieve the same outcome through negotiated settlement.”

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