Libya’s Interim PM Fathi Bashagha Retreats From Tripoli After Heavy Clashes

Libya’s parliament-appointed Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha has retreated from the capital city Tripoli early Tuesday after armed clashes erupted.

Libya Observer reported that Bashagha entered Tripoli late Monday and said he was warmly welcomed by the people, but withdrew hours later after heavy fighting rocked the city.

The recent trip was Bashagha’s second failed attempt to enter Tripoli within two months. 

Bashagha was rescued by the Libyan army’s 444th brigade, which supports Tripoli administration under Abdul Hamid al-Dbiebah.

“The 444th brigade helped Bashagha and his guards to leave safely outside Tripoli before it got late,” Observer said.  

Bashagha said he decided to leave Tripoli in order to stop war and bloodshed and to protect the life of people and security forces.

Bashagha was selected as Libyan Prime Minister by the parliament (the House of Representatives – HoR) in March, but has faced violent rejection from Abdul Hamid sl-Dbeibeh, who was appointed as head of unity government through an UN-backed process last year.

During his last visit to Tripoli, Bashagha’s convoy was turned by armed groups allied to al-Dbiebah peacefully.

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