Landslide In Northeastern Afghanistan Kills Four Miners

A landslide has killed at least four miners and wounded two others in a village in Afghanistan’s northeastern Badakhshan, a mountain province near the border of Tajikisttan  where landslides triggered by heavy rains and earthquakes often happen and claim the lives of people.

The disaster happened in the village of Shullar Payan in the Yawan district on Monday evening while the miners were busy digging in a gold mine, local Press reported.

“They were busy working when the landslide covered them. They were trapped and failed to escape,”  provincial officials said.

Local authorities said they have reached the area, and all necessary measures were taken to help the affected families of the incident.

There is fear that the number of casualties could be higher than what has been reported.

Afghanistan is not stranger to landslides, especially in Badakhshan province, in which hundreds of people have lost their lives in the past several years.

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