Israel Warns It Will Use “Every Kind of Weapon” Against Palestinian Terrorists

Israel on Tuesday warned to use “every kind of weapons” on its disposal against Palestinian terrorist in order to protect the Israeli citizens from harm.

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett instructed the security forces to target terrorists wherever they are with all types of weapons.

Bennett called on Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Police to attack any terrorist in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and elsewhere, stressing that anyone who raises a hand against IDF and Israeli citizens would be “responsible for his own blood.”

The direct warning comes as Noam Raz, an Israeli veteran soldier was shot dead last week during an IDF operation in the city of Jenin.

Moreover, Israel security said they shot a Palestinian near the Hawara checkpoint outside Nablus early Tuesday after he run toward the soldiers with knife.

No Israeli soldiers and civilians were hurt in the incident.

Israel has been carrying out operations in the West Bank and in Jerusalem in the last two months after an escalation of violence that took the lives of 19 Israeli.

The IDF, Shine Bet, and Israel Police have been focusing on maintaining security and also deployed more troops along the Seam Line where Palestinians illegally attempt to cross Israel from there.

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