Hundreds of Beijing Students Protest COVID-19 Restrictions

Graduate students at Peking University staged a rare, peaceful protest on Sunday after posts appeared on a student internet forum showing university staff erecting a sheet-metal wall separating the students from faculty staff.

Hundreds of students gathered at the university grounds shouting their objections and demanding that the authorities address their concerns.

According to the news agency South China Morning Post, university leaders met with student representatives following the protest and agreed to remove the sheet-metal barrier.

A graduate student who took part in the protest said the university administrators had the half-built wall taken down a short time later, as they conceded to the students’ demands, including organizing free supermarket deliveries.

“We achieved our goals Sunday night,” said a student who had been confined to the university’s Wanliu residential compound for seven days before the protest.

The Student Affairs Office organized another meeting on Monday to further explain the decision and encourage communication.

Meanwhile, the pandemic control task force of the university announced on Monday that a shuttle bus service between the Wanliu compound and the main campus would resume on Monday.

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