French President Emmanuel Macron Appoints Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister

French President Emmanuel Macron appointed outgoing Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne as prime minister.

The Elysee announced on May 16 that Macron has tasked Borne with forming a government after the resignation of Prime Minister Jean Castex, paving the way for a cabinet reshuffle.

Borne, 61, will also be in charge of Macron’s controversial pension form, which will raise the retirement age to 64-65.

Borne is the first woman to hold the position in 30 years and only the second woman in history after socialist Edith Bresson led France in the early 1990s.

Borne was Macron’s first choice for the position since he was re-elected as president three weeks ago.

Macron reportedly wanted to appoint a woman and “someone who was strong on social issues, environmental, and production issues.”

Borne has previously served as transport minister and ecology minister under Macron.

At a ceremony, Borne dedicated her appointment “to all little girls, telling them to follow their dreams.”

“Nothing must slow the fight for the place of women in our society,” Borne said.

Speaking to BFM television, Cresson said the appointment was “high time” and “a very good choice.”

“What is extraordinary is that we’ve waited so long” to choose another woman as prime minister, Cresson said.

“France is a particularly backward country, not in the population, but in its political class,” Cresson also said.

Cresson added that she believes Borne will encounter “fewer attacks” than her.

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