One Killed In Protests Over Food Price Hikes In Iran

One protester was killed after dozens of people took to the streets to give vent to their anger over food price increases in the two cities in southwestern Khuzestan province of Iran.

Iranian lawmaker Ahmad Avaei said a resident of Andimeshk city was killed during the rallies but did not reveal the name or the gender of the killed person. Avaei also did not talk about how many demonstrators were detained.  

But according to local media at least 25 demonstrators in two cities of Khuzestan province were arrested by the security forces for orchestrating the protests.

The protests erupted when Iranian government announced a decision to cut subsidies that have pushed up prices of cooking oil, chicken, eggs and milk up to 300%.

Iranian Interior Minister, Ahmad Vahidi said the protestors were not large-scale, calling it a few people, and branded it a “conspiracy” engineered by the enemies.

The Iranian people have held numerous of protests in the last many years over poor living conditions, and the deadly one was in 2019 after a fuel price hike in which hundreds of protestors were killed and wounded.

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