NATO Chief Says Ukraine Can Win War Against Russia

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) chief said on Monday Ukraine could win the war against Russia as Ukrainians “bravely” stand for their country.

During the informal meeting of the NATO ministers of foreign affairs, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the war in Ukraine has not been going according to Moscow’s plan. He added that Putin had not achieved Russia’s strategic objectives to defeat Ukraine, take down NATO, and divide North America and Europe.

“Ukraine stands. NATO is stronger than ever. Europe and North America are solidly united,” Stoltenberg said.

Ukrainian officials said on Saturday that Russian troops had retreated from Kharkiv as Ukraine’s military launched a counteroffensive in the country’s second-largest city. Major General Kyrlyo Budanov, Ukraine’s top military intelligence official, said Ukraine would reclaim its power in all territories the Russian forces had besieged, including Donbas and Crimea.

Stoltenberg said NATO and its allies must continue to support Ukraine and sustains its military assistance to the country.

NATO and its allies have provided Ukraine with security assistance worth billions of dollars and have trained Ukrainian forces.

“All of this is making a real difference on the battlefield every day,” the NATO chief said.

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