German Authorities Investigate Fraudulent Sale of Russian Property

German authorities have investigated a fraudulent sale of Russian property in Berlin involving a dentist who allegedly used a forged power of attorney to sell the land.

Investigators said a 69-year-old Berlin dentist sold Russian-owned properties worth millions of euros while introducing himself as a representative of the Russian government to land registries and real estate agents.

In September 2021, the suspect allegedly sold the property in the Berlin district of Karlshorst to a real estate agent. In March, two Russian embassy staff stopped the real estate agent from visiting the land, claiming the Russian state had not sold the property to anyone.

Russian officials have also stopped probable moves to sell parts of the embassy complex in Berlin when they found evidence records.

According to Berlin criminal police, a high-ranking officer of a Russian intelligence service in Ukraine supplied the suspect with the power of attorneys he presented to the victims.

Investigators are still verifying the motive of the suspect.

The Russian government owns old military properties, commercial agencies, or consulates in Germany acquired during World War II.

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