Delhi Temperatures Reaches 49C

New Delhi has recorded maximum temperatures as high as 49.2 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

The temperature in Mungeshpur in New Delhi reached 49.1 degrees Celsius and 49.2 degrees Celsius in Najafgarh, while the lowest temperature recorded reached 45.5 degrees Celsius in Jafarpur, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) reported.

The IMD added that they recorded maximum temperatures ranging between 46 to 48 degrees Celsius, with 47.3 degrees Celsius at Pitampura, 47.2 degrees Celsius at Ridge, and 46.8 degrees Celsius at Ayanagar, 46.4 degrees Celsius at Palam, and 45.8 degrees Celsius at Lodhi Road.

“Heatwave conditions likely to continue over Northwest & Central India today and decrease in intensity & distribution from tomorrow,” the Indian Meteorological Department said on Twitter.

The Indian Meteorological Department also published a press release about the current temperatures and a heatwave warning for the next five days.

“Fall in maximum temperatures by 3-4°C very likely over many parts of Northwest India during next 24 hours and no significant change during subsequent two days,” the IMD said.

The Indian Meteorological Department has warned that the recent heatwaves could cause health concerns for the vulnerable, such as infants, the elderly, and people with chronic conditions.

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