Video Shows Russian Soldiers Shooting and Killing Unarmed Ukrainian Civilians

Russian soldiers fatally shot two unarmed Ukrainian civilians in the back on the outskirts of Kyiv, surveillance video showed.

In the video obtained by CNN and the BBC, two heavily armed Russian soldiers opened fire at an owner of a bicycle shop and a security guard, killing them, and later looted the business.

Ukrainian prosecutors are now investigating the incident as a war crime after obtaining the video.

The two soldiers were part of a group of five Russian soldiers who arrived at a large bicycle shop and tried to break in during the initial Russian attempt to take Kyiv in March, as caught by surveillance cameras.

The unnamed owner and 65-year-old security guard Leonid Plyats arrived at the gates where the Russian soldiers were. The two civilians raised their hands to show they were unharmed and seemed to diffuse the situation at first, according to the video.

After the Russian soldiers frisked the Ukrainians and had a conversation, both sides turned and walked away. However, two soldiers turned back and shot the civilians multiple times.

The owner died outright, but Plyats somehow managed to survive and stumbled to his cabin to call for help while the Russians ransacked the business.

Video footage showed the soldiers casually wandering around inside the offices of the bicycle shop, going through cupboards, and grabbing drinks.

Plyats died in the cabin by the time the volunteer fighters he called arrived.

Plyat’s granddaughter Yulia told BBC that the Russians were “out of control” and that she was “afraid of what they might do next.”

Yulia told CNN that she hoped for an international court to judge the Russian soldiers.

A volunteer fighter who came to Plyat’s call for help told CNN that he believed the Russian soldiers “deserve a death penalty.”

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