Saudi Forces Allegedly Torture Seven Yemeni Citizens To Death

Saudi Arabia border security forces have been accused of torturing seven Yemeni citizens to death in Yemeni province of Sa’adah governorate, bordering with Saudi Kingdom.

Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health and Population said that they have received 25 patients, in which seven of them were died from extreme torture.

The Yemeni Human Rights Office in Sa’adah condemned Saudi forces for killing innocent people, and called on the UN to thoroughly probe the incident and bring the culprits to justice.

Meanwhile, the Yemen Shura Council called the killing of Yemenis  unacceptable, terming it a crime against humanity.

The Council said that three civilians were killed when the Saudi-led coalition forces bombed the border areas of Sa’ada last month.

“Saudi Arabia carries out regular airstrikes and artillery shelling in different parts of Sa’ada in spite of an UN-brokered ceasefire,” Al-Masirah reported.

The warring parties in Yemen conflict agreed for a two months ceasefire that began in April, in a hope to reach a peaceful resolution to the war through negotiations.


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