Russia Suddenly Makes Orders for 174,000 New Diplomatic Passports

Russia has ordered the printing of 174,000 new diplomatic passports prompting suspicions of a scam to bypass Western sanctions.

Russia’s foreign ministry has prompted speculations over the sudden printing of tens of thousands of diplomatic passports worth £3.3 million. The foreign ministry demanded almost 175,000 documents despite having only 15,000 employees, of which only one out of three should qualify as a diplomat.

According to reports, the Russian foreign ministry ordered the sudden printing of the new passports “to allow officials and spies — and their spouses — to bypass Western sanctions.” The employees of the FSB security service also qualify for diplomatic visas.

On February 25, the European Union imposed sanctions against Russia, including the suspension of visa-free travel to the EU for Russian holders of diplomatic passports. The EU demanded Russia cease and withdraw all its military operations in Ukraine.

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