Queensland Face Another Flooding Emergency, Residents Evacuate

Queensland authorities have asked residents to evacuate their homes amid another flooding emergency on Friday.

The state issued almost 20 flood warnings on Friday telling residents in several regions to prepare their homes and evacuate if needed.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) also warned of “life-threatening flash flooding” and potential landslides in Southeast Queensland, with more rain expected in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the already inundated Gympie has received emergency alerts as more “heavy to intense” rainfall is on the way, and for the second time, flooding is expected.

The Gympie Regional Council has also issued a “watch and act” alert urging residents to avoid driving and follow closely incoming warnings.

In February, floods inundated over 20,000 homes, which took the lives of 13 people in Queensland, and nine people in neighboring New South Wales.

Mayor Glen Hartwig said if the Mary River would rise at 15m, the businesses would be affected, but not homes.

“At 16m, it’s snorkels or nothing,” Hartwig said.

The Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane, was also affected, with some towns flooded and cut off a major highway.

“It is soul-destroying – it’s absolutely crushing,” Lockyer Valley Mayor Tanya Milligan said.

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