Myanmar Activists Ask US to Sanction Junta Oil Firms

More than 600 local and international civil society organizations in Myanmar and over 220,000 people have endorsed an open letter to US President Joe Biden, urging him to sanction Myanmar’s oil and gas revenues and stop the financial support of the military junta.

“We call on the Biden Administration to listen to the voices of over 220,000 people and sanction the Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE). Since taking control of MOGE in February 2021, the military has seized an estimated USD 1.5 billion in gas revenues. The military’s continued access to these revenues enables its brutality and disincentivizes it from ending the coup,” the letter read.

The Blood Money Campaign (BMC) initiated by activists and union leaders on the ground in Myanmar, has been lobbying for the financial isolation of the junta, claiming that gas revenue from state bank accounts since the coup has been used to fund genocide and murder.

“The United States, it is time to stop protecting democracy only with words… We don’t ask the US to provide weapons. We only ask the US to stop paying the fascist regime for natural resources,” BMC spokesperson Ko Ye said.

In February, the European Union (EU) imposed sanctions against four lucrative oil and gas companies – the Htoo Group, International Group of Entrepreneurs (IGE), Mining Enterprise 1 (ME 1), and Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE).

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