Heatwave Kills Birds in India

Veterinarians and rescuers in India said Wednesday the heat waves sweeping across the country are killing birds. 

According to local media reports, animal rescuers are picking up dozens of exhausted and dehydrated birds dropping every day in Gujarat state as the scorching heatwave dries out water sources. 

“We receive at least 50 to 60 dehydrated birds daily”, the director of a veterinary hospital, Gira Shah said

Veterinary doctors at a hospital in Ahmedabad said they had treated nearly 2,000 birds in the past weeks. 

Animal doctors at the trust-run hospital said they fed the birds with multi-vitamin tablets and injected water into their mouths using syringes.

Meanwhile, the birds that fell from trees and suffered broken wings were treated in the hospital but one in four birds does not survive.

Health officials in Gujarat have issued advisories to hospitals to set up special wards for heat stroke and other heat-related diseases due to the rise in temperature.

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