Biden Says US Ties With Israel “Unbreakable”

President Joe Biden said Thursday that ties between the US and Israel is unbreakable, reminding that the US was the first country which recognized Israel as an independent state.  

President Joe Biden in a  video message on the occasion of Israel’s 74th Independence Day marked in Israeli Embassy in Washington, said that in the last 74 years both “US and Israel achieved so much together from collaborating on cutting-edge science and technology research to trailblazing new regional ties to ensuring Israel’s security.”

Calling US and Israeli relations indispensable, Biden said that “our ties are unbreakable and I’m proud to stand with Israel today and always.”

Israeli’s Ambassador to US, Mike Herzog said that President Biden has always been a “true friend” of Israel, and expected to host Biden in Israel in near future.  

Referring to the US-brokered Abraham Accords which helped Israel to establish diplomatic ties with some Arabic countries, Herzog termed the Accords “historic breakthrough” and key to future prosperity

“Israel is much eager to expand ties with the Arab world and throughout the Muslim world,” Herzog said, and hoped that Abraham Accords help bring relations between “Muslim and Jews more broadly.”

At the same time Herzog throw lights on current significant security challenges and said that recent wave of terrorist attacks which ripped through Israeli in the past few weeks is the indication that radical forces “willing and wishing for our destruction.”

Herzog also spoke about Israli’s arch-enemy Iran and said that Iran’s anti-Israel and anti-Western hateful ideology is dangerous to the peace and security of Israel.

Herzog warned that Israel would not hesitate to defend itself and will not step back from taking required measures to protect its people and the country’s national interest.  

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