Australia Claims Chinese Spy Ship Spotted off Secret Naval Facility

A high-tech Chinese surveillance ship has been spotted near a secret navy communications center that assists American and other ally submarines off the coast of Western Australia.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton, in a report by ABC News, said the Australia Defense Force (ADF) closely monitored the auxiliary general intelligence (AGI) vessel as it passed past the Harold E Holt naval base in Exmouth.

Dutton stated that Australia had been watching the spy ship for the previous “week or so,” but did not provide a specific timeframe.

The Defense Minister, who called the scenario unprecedented, expressed alarm not just about how far south the ship had gone, but also about how it had “hugged” the shoreline on its way back north to Darwin.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that Australia, in its “national interest”, will also keep a close eye on them. 

After a Chinese warship fired a laser at a RAAF plane as it approached Australia’s northern shoreline earlier this year, Morrison called it a “reckless and irresponsible act.”

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