France Asks Iran To Immediately Release Two Citizens Detained in Tehran

France on Thursday called on Iran to immediately release two French nationals who were detained in Iran, condemning it as a “baseless arrest.”

“We condemn this unjustified arrest, and demand for their instant release,” France Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said that Iran’s ambassador to Paris was summoned for questioning, and the French ambassador in Tehran is in contact with the Iranian authorities on the matter.

Iran’s intelligence ministry on Wednesday said they have detained two European citizens for their alleged attempts to foment chaos to destabilize the country but did not explicitly say they were  French.

Iran accused the pair of “organizing chaos, social disorder, and instability” and branded them as “foreign agents.”

“Parts of the audio and video documents showing the two arrestees of carrying (espionage activities) would be made public soon,” Iran’s Intelligence said, without revealing their nationalities.

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