Sudden Lockdown Implemented in North Korea

Officials in Pyongyang suddenly asked residents to stay indoors but did not tell them when the order would be lifted.

NK News reported that the nationwide sudden lockdown caused long queues at bus stops as people scrambled to return home by bus and on foot. 

Last week, people were also asked not to leave their homes, but at that time it was likely that a temporary blockade order was issued due to a severe yellow sandstorm.

A few weeks earlier, North Korea and China suspended cross-border trade after COVID-19 outbreaks were reported in the two provinces of Liaoning and Jilin. 

However, a diplomat said it is not too unusual for the government to order people to stay at home for a brief time, even before the pandemic.

Meanwhile, at the inter-Korean border, farmers are still working in the fields in the afternoon of the same day.

North Korea has claimed zero cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic.

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