Russian Governors Resign over Sanctions

Regional governors of the Tomsk, Saratov, Kirov, and Mari El regions announced their immediate resignation from office on Tuesday, while the governor of the Ryazan region announced he is not running for re-election.

According to Ilya Grashchenkov, head of the Centre for the Development of Regional Politics in Moscow, the Kremlin was removing weak governors as the country braces for the impact of economic sanctions.

“There’s a need to restructure the economy, especially in those regions where Western economic influence had been significant. These governors need to be replaced by younger alternatives,” Grashchenkov said.

However, reports said the governors wrote down age and being in office for a long time, as official reasons for their resignation. 

Russians elect the regional governors who are still politically under the Kremlin, and the unpopular governors would often be regularly removed from office, and resign in groups, according to reports. 

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed five acting governors on Tuesday.

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