Hong Kong Police Arrest Catholic Cardinal for Alleged Foreign Collusion

Hong Kong national security police arrested Cardinal Joseph Zen and four others on allegations of colluding with foreign forces on Wednesday.

Hong Kong police arrested five people, including Zen, barrister Margaret Ng, activist and singer Denise Ho, former lawmaker Cyd Ho, and academic scholar Hui Po-Keung.

Each of the individuals was arrested for allegedly supporting protests against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) destruction of Democracy in Hong Kong.

Benedict Rogers, Hong Kong Watch Chief Executive, condemned the arrests.

“We condemn the arrests of these activists whose supposed crime was funding legal aid for pro-democracy protestors back in 2019. Today’s arrests signal beyond a doubt that Beijing intends to intensify its crackdown on basic rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. We urge the international community to shine a light on this brutal crackdown and call for the immediate release of these activists,” Benedict Rogers said.

Zen has advocated for democratic movements in Hong Kong and China and has spoken out against China’s rising authoritarianism under President Xi Jinping.

Hui was arrested at the airport on Tuesday night for alleged ‘collusion with foreign forces, while Ho is already in prison for a separate case.

The five individuals arrested were trustees of the ‘612 Humanitarian Relief Fund’, which helped protesters who had been seized during pro-democracy and anti-China demonstrations in 2019 to help pay their legal and medical fees.

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