Uyghurs In Turkey Urge UN To Investigate China’s Human Rights Abuses

The Uyghur Muslims based in Turkey on Tuesday called on the United Nations to thoroughly investigate alleged crimes committed by Chinese authorities against the community in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.

There are around 50,000 Uyghur Muslims living in Turkey, and every day they gather in front of Chinese Consulate in Istanbul to protest against alleged torture, genocide and rights abuses in re-education camps in Xinjiang province.

The protesting Uyghurs also held pictures of their missing relatives and family members during daily demonstrations.

The community called on the UN Human Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet, who is visiting China this month, to probe the alleged human rights abuses freely and transparently.

A Uyghuri in Turkey, Mirza Ahmet Ilyasoglu called on Bachelet to visit the re-education camps without any Chinese officials or police in a bid to talk with the “people there freely and they talk to you” in the same way.

Ilyasoglu said that Bachelet needs to go alone in these centers in order to report about the human rights situation there from an unbiased position.

“This would be very embarrassing for the UN and other human rights agencies if they go to China and pay a heed and listen to the Chinese-made statement on the Uyghuri situation,” Ilyasoglu told reporters in Istanbul.

Human rights group said that China has detained over one million people in re-education camps and reportedly there are 347 compounds in which Uyghuris are being tortured, brainwashed, and even the female prisoners were gang raped.

However, China rejects the allegations and says these Uyghuris were enrolled in these vocational training centers to learn many skills in order to improve their living standards and also to help them learn Chinese language Mandarin as part of a plan to stamp out extremism in the province.

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