Japanese Authorities Investigate Disinfectant-Sports Drink Mixup that Led to One Hospitalization

Japanese authorities said they would investigate the incident of disinfectant and drink mixup that caused the hospitalization of a high school student.

A Japanese student felt sick and vomited after drinking sanitizer instead of a drink. Another student who drank the sanitizer said she is recovering after the incident.

High school students were said to have been served hand sanitizer during a 5000-meter girls’ running race in Yamanashi prefecture in central Japan. Yamanashi’s high school sports federation said that the sanitizer was mistaken as a drink because it was kept beside plastic bottles of drinking water.

Professor Hiroyuki Moriuchi of Nagasaki University said the sanitizer contained 80 percent alcohol, which is a lethal amount.

Yamanashi prefecture’s Governor Kotaro Nagasaki apologized to the athletes and their families over the incident. Nagasaki added he would consult experts to determine the cause of the incident.

The Yamanashi Prefectural High School Athletic Federation will oversee the Yamanashi Prefectural High School Championships on Wednesday to avoid the same incident from happening.

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