Islamic State Militants Kill 52 People In Syria in April

Islamic State militants have killed at least 52 people and wounded 32 others in northern and eastern Syria last April.

“54 attacks were carried out in the past one month across the region and the IS group claimed 32 of them,” the Rojava Information Center reported.

According to the report, the IS militants generally favored carrying out more attacks during the holy month of Ramadan, which began in early April this year. 

The intensity of the attacks by IS militants was unexpected and they also suffered huge losses. At least 370 IS militants were killed and 200 others received injuries after the group attacked a Kurdish-run jail in Hasake in January in an attempt to free their comrades.

The IS militants ramped up attacks across Syria after the group’s new spokesman Abu Omar al-Muhajir, urged his followers to take revenge for the death of its leader Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi who was killed by US operation in Syria in February.

Omar al-Muhajir also said that they would continue to free over 56,000 IS-linked loyalists from al-Hol Camp in Syria, terming a top priority of the group.   

The Rojava Information Center said the attacks against IS group dropped significantly in April and said they have reported only 9 raids in the complete month, down from 21 last month. Only 21 people were arrested in these raids, and five of them were released. 

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