Ecuador Prison Riot Leaves 44 Dead

At least 44 inmates died after a fight between rival drug gangs broke out in the latest deadly prison riot in Ecuador on May 9, the Interior Ministry said.

Authorities said a fight broke out between the rival Los Lobos and R7 gangs in the Bellavista prison in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, killing 44 inmates and injuring 10 others.

Prison authority SNAI said that at least 112 people tried to escape during the riot but were detained by security forces inside the prison.

SNAI activated “security protocols” to contain the “disturbances to order.”

The Interior Ministry said that Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo visited the prison to confirm that the situation was under control.

Over 200 police commandos retook control of the prison.

SNAI also said that authorities found hand grenades, revolvers, machine guns, and ammunition at the prison during a search.

According to authorities, they will transfer gang leaders to a different prison.

The incident is the sixth deadly prison massacre in the South American country since 2021, bringing the death toll to nearly 400.

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