Dictators Son Leads Unofficial Count of Philippine Polls

The son and namesake of deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos took a commanding lead in the unofficial tally of the presidential election in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC)’s partial and unofficial results of the Philippine National Elections held on Monday, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. leads the Presidential poll with 31 million votes as of May 10 at 7:17 PM PST.

Marcos’ leading opponent, Philippine Vice President and human rights lawyer Leni Robredo, stood at 15 million votes.

The Marcos dictatorship, led by Marcos Jr.’s father Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and former first lady Imelda Marcos, lasted 21 years and was marked by widespread corruption, torture, and media censorship.

According to the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC), the Marcoses were responsible for 2,326 counts of killing and enforced disappearances, 1,684 counts of torture, 3,355 counts of arbitrary detention, and 3,318 counts of involuntary exiles.

Marcos Jr. refused to recognize human rights violations and his family’s unaccounted-for wealth during his father’s dictatorship and called for national unity instead.

Supporters of Marcos Jr. continue to stage celebrations across the country in commemoration of the unofficial polls, while protests against Marcos’ prospective presidency continue.

“Again, I am grateful for the diligence, creativity, and heart our ranks brought to the campaign. Because of you, we have a glimpse of the kind of society we can reach,” said Robredo in a tweet

The winner of the presidential election will assume office on June 30 for a single six-year term as leader of a country that has been ravaged by COVID-19 outbreaks and lockdowns over the past two years.

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