Australian Police find $14m Worth of Cocaine Near Diver’s Body

The New South Wales (NSW) Police Force found more than 50 kilograms of cocaine worth AU$20 million ($14 million) near a diver’s body on Monday.

The police found the diver on the shore of Hunter River at Newcastle after receiving reports that a man was found unconscious. NSW police said that the unidentified man died despite receiving medical attention.

The Organised Crime Squad detectives have initiated an investigation into the incident. Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Rob Critchlow said that the illegal drugs near the diver’s body might only be a small portion of what was brought in on a ship at Hunter River. NSW police suspected that the cocaine found was brought from overseas.

The police believed that the man was trying to collect 300 kg of cocaine from a bulk carrier when he drowned. According to Critchlow, the diver may have had other companies that might have left the man to die. NSW police said it still has to confirm if the diver was involved in bringing in the cocaine found at the scene.

“We have information indicating that more drugs have been retrieved by this group and are now at large in the community,” Critchlow said.

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