900,000 Afghans Lose Jobs Since Taliban Takeover In August: SIGAR

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said Tuesday that at least 900,000 Afghans have lost their jobs since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in mid-August.

“500,000 Afghan workers lost employment in the third quarter of 2021. By mid-2022, total job losses since the Taliban takeover projected to reach between 700,000—900,000,” SIGAR reported, citing assessment by the UN’s International Labor Organization.

SIGAR also reported that Afghan women employment was particularly impacted and it is expected to fall by 21% by mid-2022.

SIGAR said the majority of female employees in the government offices are jobless and women breadwinners have been struggling to make ends meet since the collapse of the internationally recognized government.

“Four decades of conflict, severe drought, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have already turned Afghanistan’s economy into a breaking point,” it added.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on 15-August following hurried withdrawal of foreign troops, and the group is yet to be recognized by the international community.

Meanwhile, Save the Children said that 9.6 million children in Afghanistan are going hungry every day due to a dire combination of economic collapse, calling for immediate food assistance to save lives in the short-term.

Save the Children’s Director of Advocacy, Communications and Media, Athena Rayburn said that every single day “our frontline health workers are treating children who are wasting away in front of our eyes because they’re only eating bread once a day.”

Rayburn called on the world to come forward and help the Afghan children who knew nothing but war.

“18.9 million children and adults are projected to need food aid from June to November this year,” according to Rayburn who lamented that they have a budget only to support 3.2 million people at the moment.

Rayburn called on the international community to help Afghanistan overcome its economic catastrophe as it directly affected the children.

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