UN Expresses Concern Over Taliban’s Compulsory Burqa For Afghan Women

The United Nations has expressed its deep concerns over the Taliban’s new order for the Afghan women to compulsory cover their faces in public and should only leave their homes in case of necessity.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in a statement said, “Information we have received suggests this is a formal directive rather than a recommendation, and that it will be implemented and enforced.”

“This decision contradicts numerous assurances regarding respect for and protection of all Afghans human rights, including those of women and girls, that had been provided to the international community by Taliban representatives during discussions and negotiations over the past decade,” UNAMA added.

UNAMA said that it will immediately request meetings with the Taliban de facto authorities to seek clarification on the status of this decision. UNAMA will also engage in consultations with members of the international community regarding its implications.

UNAMA also said that the new restriction comes after the Taliban had earlier prevented girls from going to secondary schools.

“The decision six weeks ago to postpone secondary schooling for Afghan girls was widely condemned internationally, regionally, and locally. Today’s decision by the Taliban might further strain engagement with the international community,” UNAMA added.

The United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres took twitter to express concern over the Taliban’s burqa decision.

“I’m alarmed by today’s announcement by the Taliban that women must cover their faces in public and leave home only in cases of necessity. I once again urge the Taliban to keep their promises to Afghan women and girls, and their obligations under international human rights law,” Guterres tweeted. 

The Taliban issued a decree on Saturday, ordering the Afghan women to compulsory wear the all-covering burqa in public places. The decree also said if a woman doesn’t wear burqa, her male close members (father, brother, or husband) will be warned, and in case if she is found guiltily again, the male members of the violator will be imprisoned for three days as punishment.

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