Ukraine War Prompts Lockheed Martin to Increase Javelin Production

Lockheed Martin CEO James Taiclet said on Sunday that tthey would increase their production of portable, self-guided Javelin anti-missiles which is widely used in the ongoing defense of Ukraine.

“Right now, our capacity is 2,100 Javelin missiles per year. We’re endeavoring to take that up to 4,000 per year. We can start turning up the heat now and ramping up production immediately. We’re planning for the long run and not just in the Javelin,” Taiclet said.

However, Taiclet added it would take “a number of months, maybe even a couple of years” to get the company’s supply chain to meet production goals.

Earlier, the US sent Ukraine at least 5,000 Javelin missiles and other defense hardware to support its military and civilians.

Last week, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt said that the US had provided about one-third of its Javelin missiles to Ukraine in a Senate committee hearing.  

According to reports, Ukrainian officials use up to 500 Javelin missiles per day in the early weeks of the war.

On Tuesday, US President Biden visited Lockheed’s facility in Alabama while pushing Congress for the additional Ukraine aid package, including military assistance of more than $20 billion. 

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