Shanghai Continues to Tighten COVID-19 Restrictions Despite Declining Cases

Shanghai has continued to tighten COVID-19 movement curbs despite falling case numbers in more than six weeks.

According to residents and accounts on social media posts, people living in the same building as people confirmed positive for COVID-19 will be transported to the government-run quarantine facilities.

On Saturday, other residents said that for a week, they would not be able to leave their front doors or estates or receive deliveries as part of efforts to reach the goal of “zero cases at the community level.”

A neighborhood committee has posted on its official WeChat account that they had to move everyone living in one building and disinfect the area after a resident tested positive.

In Beijing, officials required all residents in its eastern district of Chaoyang to start working from home after some businesses providing non-essential services like gyms and movie theaters were ordered to shut down to minimize infections.

Chaoyang is home to embassies and offices of multinationals, including Apple Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

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