Iraq Signs Contracts With US and France To Import Advanced Weapons

The Defense Ministry of Iraq said it has signed contracts with the US and France to import advanced weapons to strengthen its defense capabilities and system.

According to senior military commander Major General Abd Al-Ardawi, the agreements included the supply of high-powered artillery systems that have recently proven effective in fighting the Islamic State (IS).

Al-Ardawi told the state-owned Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the import of new guns will be part of the agreements with western nations.

Al-Ardawi also claimed that the cannons were capable of targeting the enemy at long distances and are reportedly  “better than aircraft and rifles.”

However, the report did not elaborate on types of weapons that would be procured and did not provide details on the contracts.

The Iraqi military received T-72 tanks and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle from Bulgarian in February, and the army will use the vehicles in operation to counter-terrorism.

Iraq received the Bulgarian armored vehicles as part of a $245 million agreement signed with Apollo Engineering in 2021.

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