G7 Backs Diplomatic Approach To Restrict Iran’s Nuclear Program

The G7 Non-Proliferation Directors Group on Monday called for the revival of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal as the best political solution and also put weight behind the diplomatic approach to restrict Iran’s nuclear program.

“We renew our support for a restoration and full implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” the G7 said in a statement

They also commend the participants of the Vienna talks as well as the EU coordinator for their tireless efforts.

The Group urged the government of Iran to seize the offer currently on the table to bring Vienna negotiations to a successful conclusion, and asked Tehran to refrain from further escalation of its nuclear activities.

“We urge Iran to uphold and fully implement all obligations under its NPT-required safeguards agreement with the IAEA,” the statement reads.

The Group also called on Iran to provide them with all required information without further delay to enable the IAEA to clarify and resolve outstanding safeguards issues.

The Group also expressed their serious concerns about Iran’s unabated activities related to ballistic missiles, asking Iran to seize such activities.

“We also remain extremely concerned about Iran’s destabilizing activities in and around the Middle East,” the statement said.

Referring to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attack in Ira’s Erbil province on 13 March, the Group said that such proliferation is destabilizing the region and escalating already high tensions.

The Group called on Iran to restrain from such attacks and also urged other parties in the Middle East to play their due role in fostering regional stability and peace.  

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