Dozens of Jobless Youth Protest in Southern Iraq, Demanding Job

Dozens of jobless Iraqi graduates protested on Monday against widespread unemployment, and gathered in front of Dhi Qar Oil Company in southern Iraq, demanding job opportunities.

The protestors shut down the gate of the company in Dhi Qar governorate, and asked the Ministry of Oil to give heed to their demands. 

“The angry demonstrators used burning tires to block the road toward the Dhi Qar Oil Company,” The Iraq News reported.

The protestors vowed to continue their demonstration until the officials respond positively, and assure them of jobs.

Moreover, hundreds of university graduates also gathered outside the office of the Ministry of Education in the same governorate (Dhi Qar) on Monday morning, to protest against widespread unemployment, demanding the ministry for jobs.

The protestors had also closed some roads and bridges, and asked the central government in the capital city of Baghdad to pay attention to their appeal.

The Iraqi youth have often taken to the streets to protest against unemployment and also accuse its top leadership of massive corruption.

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