Bomb Found at RIA Novosti Office in Berlin

Berlin officials said on Saturday that criminal investigators and prosecutors were looking into a device discovered and destroyed at a residential building housing Russian news agency employees of Ria Novosti in the city’s Steglitz neighborhood.

The Russian embassy in Germany, in a statement released to Russian News Agency (TASS), described the incident as a “potential terrorist attack on Russian journalists and their families”. 

“In the afternoon, a window in one of the apartments was smashed by a bottle thrown from the street. A suspicious item consisting of a large canister filled with some liquid with a plastic bottle and a gas tank with wires attached to it was found in a niche of the building after the incident,” the Russian embassy said. 

German law enforcement officers called demining experts following the evacuation of the building’s residents. 

The incident occurred as Russia prepared to celebrate Triumph Day, commemorating the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, and amid tensions created by its February invasion of Ukraine.

German intelligence services, according to a report by the Local, said they are anticipating significant pro-Russian activities on German soil, notably in Berlin in the run-up to Monday’s celebrations.

The Russian embassy in Germany sent a note to the German Foreign Ministry and demanded that those responsible be identified.

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