France’s Macron Inaugurated For Second Term

French President Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated on Saturday for a second term, making him France’s first head of state to serve a second tenure since 2002.

The ceremony was held at the Elysee Palace, where Laurent Fabius, head of the Constitutional Council, read out a formal declaration of the election results.

“I vow to build a planet that is more liveable, a France that is more alive and a stronger France,” Macron said in his inaugural speech, promising a “new method” of governing after a first term that has been criticized for being polarizing.

Macron also urged French citizens to work on greater unity with the European Union.

“The French people made the choice of a clear and explicit project for the future. A Republican and European project. A project for independence in a destabilized world,” Macron added.

We will “act tirelessly with a goal of being a more independent nation, to live better, and to build French and European responses to the challenges of our century,” Macron maintained.

Macron also highlighted the threat Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poses.

Macron was reelected for five years on April 24 after beating far-right rival Marine Le Pen in a runoff.

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