Saudi Arabia Accused Of Violating Yemen Ceasefire Over 5,000 Times

A Yemeni military official has accused Saudi Arabia of violating UN-brokered humanitarian and military ceasefire over 5,000 times in the past month.

The official, who spoke to Yemen’s Official SABA News Agency, said that 5,365 violations included ground operations, infiltration attempts, air raids, flights of warplanes, barrages of missiles, and artillery targets.

“These violations have resulted in the death and injury of several civilians across Yemen, and also damaged some of their properties and farms,” the official told SABA, requesting anonymity.

However, the official did not specify the exact numbers of civilian casualties.

The official also accused Saudi-led coalition forces of preventing the arrival of oil derivatives ships aimed at barring flights to and from Sanaa International Airport.

“Aggression combat spy planes carried out more than 1,748 flights over the skies of Hodeida, Marib, Jawf, Taiz, Hajjah, Sa’ada, Amran, Sana’a, Bayda, Dhalea, and Lahj provinces,” he added.

“Aggression forces also launched eight offensive operations on the sites of the army and the popular committees in different areas across the Marib province,” the official added.

The UN-brokered two months ceasefire between warring parties in Yemen went into effect in two of April, providing some hope for a reduction of violence that could eventually lead to lasting peace and open the door to negotiation.

UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg called on the parties in the Yemen conflict to respect the ceasefire agreement, and take all necessary steps to implement it.

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