Junta Troops Raze Entire Village in Southern Kalay

Residents of Kalay Township in the Sagaing Region said the Junta troops burned a village to the ground on Sunday after fighting with anti-military defense forces. 

“They torched every house in sight. Only a few houses on the edge of the village were spared,” a resident said, Myanmar Now reported.

The resident also said that the junta intended to do as much damage as possible and even piled tires inside houses before burning them. 

Aerial photographs of the village published by Myanmar Now showed a village covered in smoke with most of the structures reduced to ashes and only a few houses still standing.

According to the village residents, the junta troops also stole all they could from their houses before starting the fires.

“We lost two houses and two storehouses full of rice. All we have now is the clothes on our backs. But at least we escaped with our lives,” another villager said, as reported by Myanmar Now.

Reports said the attack on the village began after a full day of fighting between the Kalay People’s Defense Force (PDF) and around 200 junta troops until the PDF fighters retreated. 

The monitor group Data for Myanmar has recently published a report indicating that around 7,000 of the roughly 11,000 houses burned by the junta troops since the coup started were in the Sagaing Region. 

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