China Building Collapse Kills 53

At least fifty-three people died after a building collapsed on April 29 in Wangcheng District in central China.

The building collapsed around noon in Wangcheng District in the provincial capital Changsha.

Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered a search and rescue operation, with a thorough investigation into the cause of the incident and the prompt disclosure of authoritative information.

Chinese authorities said they found all of the missing victims of the collapse as of 3 AM on Friday.

Rescuers used search and rescue dogs, hand tools, drones, and electronic life detectors and located ten survivors.

The last survivor was rescued on Thursday and spent about 132 hours in the debris without food or water, six days after the collapse.

Survivors are said to be in good condition after receiving treatment in hospitals.

Chinese police have arrested at least nine people on suspicion of violating building codes or other related offenses.

Chinese police arrested the building’s owner on suspicion of causing a severe liability accident, three people in charge of design and construction, and five people who allegedly gave a false safety assessment for a guest house on the building’s fourth to sixth floors.

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