Ukrainian Forces Repell Russiann Assault at Azovstal

The Ukrainian defenders of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol has reportedly fought off the Russian assault.

“Russian occupiers are focusing on blocking and trying to destroy Ukrainian units in the Azovstal area. With the support of aircraft, Russia resumed the offensive in order to take control of the plant,” said the Ukrainian Army.

Mariupol’s mayor, Vadym Boichenko said that they have lost communications with the Azovstal defenders due to the constant shelling but was able to get updates after several hours.

Lieutenant Colonel Denis Prokopenkon confirmed that Russian troops continued to launch attacks on the Azovstal plant while launching constant bombardments to drive them out of their positions.

“There are heavy, bloody battles. I am proud of my soldiers for making inhuman efforts to contain the enemy’s onslaught. I thank the whole world for the tremendous support of the Mariupol garrison. Our soldier deserve it. The situation is extremely difficult, but we continue to carry out the order to keep the defence despite everything,” said Propenko.

The assault on Azovstal came just after Russia claimed it would open humanitarian corridors on May 5, 6, and 7 to facilitate the evacuation of civilians.

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