Russian Spy Plane Intercepted over Baltic Sea

The German Luftwaffe has reportedly intercepted a Russian spy plane, in international airspace over the German Baltic Sea island of Ruegen.

“A (Russian) IL-20 Coot-A (reconnaissance aircraft) was intercepted by our Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) over the Baltic Sea over the weekend. The two Eurofighters flew out of Laage with the alarm start,” said the Luftwaffe. 

German fighter jets managed to escort the Russian aircraft away from their country without further escalation. 

The Baltic overflight followed another incident where a Russian AN-30 propeller plane entered Denmark and Sweden’s airspace last Friday and prompted a diplomatic response. 

“Allied fighter jets on NATO duty scrambled multiple times over the past four days to track and intercept Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. All interactions occurred in a safe and routine manner,” said NATO on the incident. 

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