Kenya’s Talai Clan Asks for Apology and Reparations from Prince William

The Talai clan of Kenya has written to Prince William to seek his support for reparations for human rights abuses they suffered during the British colonial settlement and for an apology.

According to the BBC, the letter from more than 100,000 Kenyans said the clan is reaching out to Prince William as the British government has declined to engage with the clan’s representatives.

Last year, a UN inquiry found that the British government has committed human rights violations against the clan, including unlawful killing, sexual violence, torture, and arbitrary detention and displacement, the BBC report added. 

“Despite our immense suffering under British rule, the British Government has refused to acknowledge this fact or meet any of us, let alone apologize,” the group said.

“You proposed to your wife there (Kenya), and when your grandmother became Queen, she was visiting Kenya – which at the time was one of the colonies… We inherited the pain, you inherited the profit,” read the letter to Prince Harry.  

The clan claimed that they were evicted from the highlands of the Rift Valley to give way for tea plantations, which to this day still exist and are owned by UK-based multinationals.

In 1963 when Kenya gained independence, the survivors left detention and returned to their ancestral land but never recovered it, instead lived alongside the tea estates as squatters ever since.

The clan representatives, including the current Governor of Kericho, are currently in London to argue for their claim with MPs and civil society representatives.

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