French Socialist Party Forms Alliance with Far Left Ahead of Parliamentary Elections

Left-wing parties in France have agreed “in principle” to form an alliance for the parliamentary elections in June.

The Socialists, the Greens, the Communist Party (PCF), and the far-left France Unbowed movement reached a draft alliance deal, aiming to challenge newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron at the legislative elections.

The parties hope to block Macron’s legislative agenda by winning a majority of the seats in the National Assembly.

“No one on the left can win on their own,” PCF leader Fabien Roussel said in an interview with France Inter Radio.

The alliance must still be approved by the Socialists’ National Council on May 5.

Pierre Jouvet, a negotiator for the Socialists, told reporters that if the deal reaches final approval, it would be a significant moment in French politics.

“I believe that today, we are a few hours away from a historic moment, a historic moment that has been awaited for years by the people of the Left who have been ardently asking us to find a way to come together,” Jouvet said.

The final deal appears set to distribute around 100 constituencies to the Greens, 70 for the Socialist Party, and 50 for the PCF, AFP News reported.

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