Anonymous Leaks 82GB of Australia’s Offshore Detention Island Emails

Hacktivist group Anonymous leaked on Monday 82 gigabytes of confidential emails belonging to the Nauru Police Force.

The hackers’ group made public 285,635 confidential emails to protest against the alleged abuse of the Nauru Police toward asylum seekers in Nauru, a small island in Micronesia, northeast of Australia.

In one of the leaked emails from 2017, the deputy commissioner of Nauru Police described some road incidents involving refugees as “intentional acts of suicide.”

The Australian government’s policy toward people seeking asylum included “offshore processing” or taking refugees to offshore places of detention such as Nauru. According to Amnesty International, Australia crafted the Pacific Solution policy in 2001 to justify the transporting and detaining of refugees. Despite being dismantled in February 2008, the Australian offshore detention policies continued implementing “harsher” measures toward asylum seekers since 2012.

In a statement, Anonymous appealed to the Australian government to end the mandatory immigration detention policy and close the detention facilities, including the one on Nauru island. The group also asked the government to grant asylum seekers permanent residence and investigate the said abuses in immigration centers.

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