194 People, Including Women and Children, Illegally Detained in Syria in April

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said Thursday that at least 194 people, including six children and three women have been detained illegally by Syria regime forces only in April.

“Monthly number of arbitrary arrests conducted by the Syrian regime is much higher than those being released under amnesty decrees issued by the regime authorities,” SNHR said in a statement.

SNHR explained that most of the arrests in Syria are carried out without any judicial warrants and all were “tortured from very first moment of his or her arrest.”

According to SNHR, the detainees were also denied any opportunity to contact their family members and also prevented from access to a lawyer.

The SNHR said they have not included the kidnappings and abductions cases because they were unable to identify the responsible party.

The report said that there is “highly unlikely that deaths due to torture take place” inside detention centers but the exact figures are not clear. SNHR called on the Syrian regime to clarify that “deaths occurring” inside the jail were not due to torture.

The SNHR furthered that there would be no stability in light of the survival of what it described as “regime’s brutal security services” who have committed crimes against humanity since 2011.

Regime’s forces also arrested civilians in connection with making phone calls to people in areas outside regime control. Some civilians were detained for traveling and moving between areas under regime control and contested areas controlled by other parties to the conflict.

The SNHR called on the UN to form an impartial special committee to monitor cases of arbitrary arrest, and also secure the release of 102,000 missing persons since many years, in which 85% of them were detained by the Syrian regime.

The SNHR called on the Syrian regime to immediately release children and women from captivity.

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