Shanghai Residents Use NFTs to Document Lockdowns

Shanghai residents are documenting memories of the city’s month-long COVID-19 lockdown as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and avoiding deletion.

Many Shanghai citizens have also expressed their frustrations due to the lockdown and its challenges, such as difficulties obtaining food and patients unable to receive medical treatment.

On April 22, Shanghai netizens battled censors overnight to share a six-minute video entitled ‘The Voice of April’, a video documenting the harsh impact of Shanghai’s nearly month-long lockdown.

A Chinese Twitter user with the handle imFong said they have minted the ‘Voice of April’ video into an NFT and have frozen its metadata.

“I have minted the “Voice of April” video into NFT and frozen the metadata. This video will live on IPFS forever,” Twitter user imFong said in a tweet.

The Chinese government has blocked Twitter since 2009, but its citizens can access it using VPNs.

As of Monday, 786 different items related to the video are available on OpenSea, along with hundreds of other NFTs related to the Shanghai lockdown.

Other Shanghai content available on OpenSea as NFTs for sale included Weibo posts containing criticisms about the curbs, photos from inside quarantine centers, and works of art inspired by life under lockdown.

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